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Department of Dentistry

 The Department of Dentistry was established in the year 2016. At present, the department is well equipped with two fully automatic dental chairs and one dental chair in the OPD room.
 Our Dental department is divided into various sections:
 First being the OPD Room, where the patient is examined and diagnosed after the necessary investigations.
 Second the Treatment / Procedure Room where non surgical procedure such as restorations, oral prophylaxis etc. are done.
 Third is the Minor OT Room where minor surgical procedures under Local anaesthesia are performed.
 Our patients who get operated every week in the Major Operation Theatre under General Anaesthesia are admitted in the general surgery ward under Dental Consultant.
 Facilities Available :
 1. Major and Minor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries :
 [A] Cancer Surgery with Neck Dissection & Reconstruction.
 [B] Trauma – Lefort Fractures, Mandible/Panfacial, Close reduction - Arch bar placement with IMF.
 [C] Pathologies – Tumour, Cyst Removal.
 [D] TMJ surgeries - TMJ Ankylosis.
 [E] Orthognathic surgeries including Distraction Osteogenesis.
 [F] Minor surgical procedure- Suturing, Excisional/Incisional Biopsy of oral lesion, Splinting.
 [H] Disimpaction /Surgical extractions, Extractions.
 2. Various Restorative Procedures
 3. Subgingival Curettage/Scaling
 4. Paediatric Restorative procedures, extraction
 5. Diagnostic and Management of potentially Malignant lesion and conditions
 6. Habit Counselling
 Available Equipment :
 1. Dental Chair – 2 Unit
 2. Scalar- 2 Unit
 3. Extraction forcipes – 2 Set
 4. Filling instruments
 5. Amalgamator
 Other Facilities :
 1. Extraction of the tooth
 2. Scaling
 3. Restoration of tooth
 4. Inter maxillary fixation for multiple fraction.

Faculty Details



Dr. Aishwarya Singh

Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Abhishek Harish


Dr. Dheerendra Kumar Singh



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