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Rajmata Shrimati Devendra Kumari Singhdeo

General Medicine

Department of General Medicine


 Department of Medicine is having 120 beds, which is armed with 10 bedded ICCU for acute coronary disease and critical cases (particularly Snake Bite, Scorpion Sting and various poisoning etc.). The department is providing comprehensive health care to male and female above 14 yrs of age through daily OPD, special investigation like Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, TMT, Endoscopy, Electroencephalogram Holter monitoring & Hemodialysis and 24 hrs emergency with special attention to high risk patients. We keep abreast ourselves with new diagnosis and therapeutic techniques & make them available to the patients. The common medical diseases also looked after are Hypertension, DM, Infection disease including TB, HIV.

 1. Intensive Care Unit : 

10 bedded ICCU is equipped with all modern facilities like Ventilators, Central Monitoring System, Multipara Monitors, Defibrillators, Electrocardiograms, Nebulizers, Central Oxygen and suction facilities etc. for management of critical ill cardiac patients. A bedside Echocardiography machine is also installed in ICCU.

 2. Medical ICU :

A new Medical ICU has been established to take care of critically ill patients like Poisoning, Snake Bite, Scorpion Sting and Stroke etc. with facilities of Multipara Monitors, Oxygen Concentrator, Pulse oxymeters etc.

 3. Isolation Ward :

A ward consisting of 15 beds has been established to take care of patients like Gastroenteritis, Tetanus, Rabies and other infectious disease.

 4. Acute Medical Ward : 

A new ward consisting of 20 bedded has been established to take care of all patients and special attention for Cerebral Malaria, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Encephalitis and Multi Organ Dysfunction etc. orphan and Immuno-compromised patients are being given special attention round the clock. Once the patients get settled, they are being transferred to various male and female ward for the further management.

5. Out Patient (OPD) Service :
Ø OPD Building.
Ø Timing; 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Ø The outpatient clinic is conducted daily from Monday to Saturday; each unit consults two days in a week.
 Equipment Available in The Department :
 1. Central Monitoring System in ICCU. Equipped with bed sided     

    Echocardiography facility.
 2. Ventilators.
 3. Multipara Monitors.
 4. Syringe Pumps.
 5. Holter Monitor.
 6. Electrocardiographs.
 7. Echocardiograph in OPD.
 8. Defibrillators.
 9. TMT.
 10. Electroencephalogram.
 11. Upper GI Endoscope.
 12. Pulse oxymeters.
 13. Nebulizers.
 14. Oxygen concentrator.
 15. Hemodialysis Machine.
 16. ECG Analyzer.
 17. ECG, Machine.
 18. Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer.
 19. Fetal Doppler.
 20. Nerve Stimulator
 21. EEG
 22. EMG

Faculty Details



Dr. Lakhan Singh

Professor & HoD

Dr. Anil Ayodhya Prasad

Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Ramnaresh Gupta

Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

Assoc. Prof.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Toppo


Dr. Md. Shagil


Dr. Ravi Soni


Dr. Arpan Singh Chouhan


Dr. Lalit Agrawal

Sr. Resident

Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh

Sr. Resident

Dr. Anurag Kujur

Sr. Resident

Dr. Rishabh Gupta

Sr. Resident

Dr. Rajani Kishori Ekka

Jr. Resident

Dr. Pukeshwar Verma

Jr. Resident

Dr. Deepak Chandravanshi

Jr. Resident

Dr. Virendra Kumar Banjare

Jr. Resident

Dr. Chandrpratap Chandra

Jr. Resident

Dr. Utkarsh Soni

Jr. Resident

Dr. Sanjay Ekka

Jr. Resident

Dr. Ruchika Garg

Jr. Resident