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Department of Microbiology

About Department :

Introduction :

The Dept. of Microbiology came into existence in year 2015. Since then it has made rapid strides not only for the patients attending GMC Ambikapur hospital but also patients coming from periphery. Owing to dedicated & committed teaching & technical staff & well equipped diagnostic laboratories the department has carved a niche for itself. Vision of the department is to provide up to date and holistic theoretical and practical training for MBBS and research scholar to carry out front line research in all discipline of Microbiology. In addition, it has a well stocked library containing 112 books. Regular academic activities, research pursuits have made it widely known in the region.

Facilities Available in Department :

I. Bacteriology :

1. Staining methods. (Gram, ZN, Albert, Giemsa etc.)

2. Automated Blood Culture System by Bac-T/ Alert.

3. Automated Identification & Sensitivity Testing by Vitek-2.

4. Bacterial Identification of various patients sample.

5. Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing. (Manual testing)

6. Anaerobic Culture & Sensitivity.

7. Fluorescent Microscopy.

8. Dark Ground Microscopy.

9. Hanging Drop: Motility for Vibrio cholera.

II. Serology & Immunology :

1. Immunochromatography Testing. (HbsAg, HCV, Dengue, VDRL, Filarial 

    Antibody Testing etc.)

2. Slide Agglutination Test. (RA, CRP, ASO, Widal)

3. ELISA. (HbsAg, HCV, Measles, Dengue etc.)

4. Testing by Nephelometry. (RA, CRP, ASO)

5. Urine Pregnancy Test.

6. Mantoux (Tuberculin) Test.

III. Mycology :

1. Fungal Staining. (KOH /LPCB)

2. Fungus Culture and Identification.

3. Antifungal Sensitivity Testing for Candida.

IV. Parasitology :

1. Stool Routine Microscopy to detect Ova cyst & larva.

2. Stool Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing.

3. Peripheral Smear for Microfilaria.

4. Modified Acid Fast Staining in Stool.

V. ICTC for HIV Counselling and testing.

VI. Sample collection in suspected Swine flu.

VII. Testing for Hospital-acquired infection.

VIII. Bacterial Analysis of water.

IX. Referral Centre of IDSP.

X. RTPCR for Virological Diagnosis.

XI. Outbreak Investigation.

Established BSL-II Viral Laboratory which is Fully Functional and catering to the needs of Surguja Division and Outside.

Departmental Activities :

·List of Teaching staff.





Contact Details


Dr. Ramanesh Murthy

Director cum Professor




Dr. Obulesu Gundala

Assoc. Prof.


Dr. Madhuri Ashok Lawhale



Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh



Dr. Praneet Prasad



Dr. Swati Bhardwaj


Publications :

From 2002 to till date more than 40 research publications in various National & International Journal.

Publication in Year 2018-19 :

  1. Anubha Patel, Ramanesh Murthy, Ashish Baghel, Partha Roy, Kavita S Lole “Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in patients on maintenance haemodialysis at tertiary care hospitals of Pune, Maharashtra, India”. IJMMTD: January-March, 2018:4(1):17-20. (Original Artical)
  2. Sachin Pandey, B.P. Singh, Lakhan Singh, Ramanesh Murthy, Hemlata Thakur, Vivek Sharma “Report of Internship Orientation Programme of CIMS, Bilaspur Chhattisgarh”. IJPM: January-June 2018:Vol.6 PP – 95-99. (Case Report)
  3. Sachin Pandey, B.P. Singh, Ramanesh Murthy, Hemlata Thakur, B. Kashyap “A Health Camp Report of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh”. IJPM: January-June 2018:Vol.6 PP – 101-104. (Case Report)
  4. Sachin Pandey, B.P. Singh, Ramanesh Murthy, Hemlata Thakur, Vivek Sharma “Report of Training Programme on Behaviour & Psychological of Sweeper/ Ward Boy”. IJPM: July-Dec. 2018:Vol.6 PP – 136-139. (Notes & News)