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07774-299311 (Dean Office)
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Rajmata Shrimati Devendra Kumari Singhdeo


Department of Paediatrics

About Department:
 The department of Paediatrics was established in 2016. In department deals with immunization & neonatal & child care.

 Facilities Available in Department :
 OPD Block:
 Daily OPD 9:00 am TO 2:00 pm, 03 OPD Chambers
 Daily immunization
 Well baby clinic and child guidance clinic
 ECHO Room
 Sickle Cell OPD
 Thalassemia OPD
 24 hrs Emergency care services
 Facilities for mechanical ventilation, Surfactant, Exchange Transfusions etc.
 Breast feeding and feed preparation Room
 24 hrs Emergency Services
 Facilities for mechanical ventilation, central oxygen and suction
 Facilities for Cardiac & Intensive care monitoring
 Child ward:
 24 hrs Patient monitoring
 Facilities for central oxygen and central suction
 Sickle and Thalassaemia care unit
 Available Equipment :
 1. Ventilators (Neonatal &Pediatric)
 2. Radiant warmer
 3. Defibrillator
 4. Multi channel monitors
 5. Glucometer
 6. Infusion pumps
 7. Cardiac Monitors
 8. Pulse Oxymeters
 9. Apnea Monitors
 10. Double Surface Phototherapy Units
 11. Resuscitation Kit
 12. Incubaters
 13. ECHO/USG Machine

Faculty Details



Dr. Suman Sudha Tirkey

Associate Professor 

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kartal Ram Tekam

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jagdish Prasad Relwani

Sr. Resident

Dr. Smita Devendra Pratwar

Sr. Resident

Dr. Ankit Kumar Gupta

Sr. Resident

Dr. Sneha Mukharji

Jr. Resident

Dr. Anisha Kujur

Jr. Resident

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bhajgawali

Jr. Resident

Dr. Alaknanda Tirkey

Jr. Resident

Dr. Vijay Agrawal

Jr. Resident

Dr. Kamlesh Prasad Vishvakrma

Jr. Resident