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Department of Pathology

About Department:
 Department of Pathology is situated on the first floor of the College Building, Govt. Medical College, Ambikpur. Here along with academic activities of MBBS students, a lot of different test facilities are available for the patient diagnosis & care. The work field of the Pathology department is very wide and includes sections such as Blood Bank (Transfusion Medicine), Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Special Haematology, and Cytology.
 Facilities :

  • In the Department of Pathology, different test facilities are available in the following units.
  • Central Pathology Lab: In this unit which is situated in District Hospital were 24 hours service for patient’s tests and routine time 09:00 am to 02:00 pm blood samples were received of OPD patients and dispatch the report at 05:00 pm
  • In Blood bank which has a storage capacity of 500 blood units of different blood groups. The component separator (plasma-pherisis)is being established shortly. 

Facilities in Central Lab
 1. Hb
 2. Blood Group
 3. ESR
 4. PCV
 5. CBC
 6. Peripheral Smear Study
 7. Malaria
 8. Clotting Time
 9. Bleeding Time
 10. Urine Analysis
 11. Stool for Occult Blood
 12. Semen Analysis

The patient's test’s routine time is 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. Following test facility is available in the units.
 Facilities in Histopathology
 1. Biopsy Histopathology
 2. Forensic Histopathology
 3. Immunohistochemistry

Facilities in Cytopathology

  1. FNAC
  2. Pap Smear
  3. Body Fluid (Malignant Cells)
  4. ZN Staining for AFB

Facilities in Special Haematology
 1. Peripheral Smear
 2. Body Fluid TLC/DLC
 3. G6PD
 4. 24 Hours Urine Protein
 5. Retic Count
 6. Bence Jones Protein
 7. Bone Marrow
 Blood Bank
 1. Introduction
 Blood Bank is situated in District Hospital Ambikapur Premises.
 2. Facilities
 Following Blood, components are provided -
 1. Whole Blood
 2. Packed Red Cell
 3. Fresh Frozen Plasma
 4. Platelet Rich Plasma
 3. Features
 1. Free and without exchange Blood is provided on availability to thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, Cancer, R.T.A, Obs. Labour, burn and unknown patients.
 2. Largest Blood Bank in Surguja Division.
 3. ELISA-based tested Blood.
 4. 24×7 Facilities.
 4. Equipment
 1. Blood Bank Refrigerator
 2. Donor Couches
 3. Di-electric sealer
 4. Blood Collection Monitor
 5. Domestic Refrigerator
 6. Benchtop centrifuge
 7. Dry Incubator
 8. Serological water bath
 9. Autoclave
 10. Binocular microscope
 11. Needle Destroyer
 12. Matrix Gel Card Centrifuge Machine
 13. Micropipettes (2µl- 1000 µl)
 14. Multi channel Pipette
 15. Digital analytical balance
 16. Computer
 17. ELISA System (Washer)
 18. ELISA System (Reader)
 19. VDRL Rotator
 20. Cell counter
 21. Refrigerated Centrifuge
 22. -800 C Deep freezer
 23. -400 C Deep freezer
 24. Laminar Airflow bench
 25. Plasma expresser
 26. Platelet incubator with agitator
 27. Cell counter
 28. Blood Culture Machine
 29. Electrolyte Analyzer
 C. Features & Equipment :
 Features: Different test facility is available in the Department of Pathology. In the unit of Central Pathology Lab test facility available is 24x7 and the test facility is available in the Histopathology, Cytology and Special Hematology sections all working days from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm except holiday.
 The following types of equipment are available in the department :
 1. Rotary Microtome
 2. Hot air Oven
 3. Hot Plate
 4. Floating Water Bath
 5. Water Bath with microprocessor technology
 6. Tabletop centrifuge
 7. Automatic tissue processor
 8. Automatic Slide Staining Machine
 9. Slide projection 2x2
 10. pH meter
 11. Calorimeter
 12. Binocular Microscope – Diagnostic, Research, Student
 13. Trinocular Microscope
 14. Microphotographic unit
 15. Water distillation Plant
 Equipment of Central Pathology Lab
 1. Automatic analyzer machine (Beckmen Coulter ACT 5 Dif)
 2. Centrifuge Machine
 3. Hemoglobinometer
 4. Binocular Microscope
 Library Facility
 A library facility is available in the Department of Pathology with more than 100 books and 3 journals are available.

 Conference /CME/NABL Workshop:

  • An NABL Workshop was held on 13th to 15th February 2020 and more than 30 Participants got the training.

Faculty Details of Department of Pathology





Dr. Ramesh Chandra Arya



Dr. Vishal Kulkarni

Assoc. Prof.


Dr. Alka Singh

Assoc. Prof.


Dr. Vikas Pandey

Assistant professor


Dr. Jagrani Lakra



Dr. Sharda Devi Bhagat



Dr. Sanskriti Tiwari