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Department of Physiology


The Department of Physiology came into existence in the year of December 2015 in the Govt. Medical College, Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh with a vision to become a center of excellence in Medical physiology training and research. It is situated in the premises of Dean office. Major activities are centered around teaching and research. The goal of teaching Physiology to students aims at imparting detailed and complete knowledge of normal functioning of the body and understanding the physiological basis of health, disease and the treatment.


Physiology has following subsections –

a. Human clinical physiology

b. Haematology

c. Experimental physiology

FACULTIES – (Faculty Status as on date 30/12/2020)

S. No.



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Dr. Karishama Singh

Professor and head




Dr. Manish Goyal

Associate Professor




Dr. Manoj Kumar

Assistant Professor




Dr. Pooja Agrawal





Dr. Pooja Pradhan




06.Dr. Abhishek SoniTutor




The department is actively engaged in the basic and applied research in the field of Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Neurophysiology, Sleep physiology and Medical Education. Experienced teachers guide the students through different aspects of physiology. Teaching facilities with well equipped Lecture Theatre along with Audio-Visual aids (OHP and LCD) are available

Other  facilities provided are enlisted as under:

1. Staff Block Area : Separate blocks for Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professor, and Demonstrators as per requisite space according to the norms of the Medical Council of India are provided.

2. Demonstration Hall : There is one demonstration hall for various demonstration purposes as per requisite space according to the norms of the Medical Council of India.

3. Departmental Library and Seminar hall : Departmental library is well equipped with more than 100 books with adequate space for seminars.

4.Human Physiology Lab:Human Physiology Lab for students is equipped with ECG machine, NCV /EMG machine, sphygmomanometers, digital spirometers, perimeters, tuning forks, hammers etc for CNS, CVS, Respiratory, Abdominal and General examination.

5. Haematology Lab:Haematology Lab for Blood experiments for students is equipped with Microscopes (Binocular & Monocular), Haemocytometers , Haemoglobinometers, Wintrobe’s and Westegren’s tubes alongwith antisera for estimation of various. hematological parameters.

6. Research Lab: Departmental research laboratory is well equipped and offers facilities to carry out research work in field of Electrophysiology, Cardio-pulmonary Physiology, Biochemical studies and Exercise Physiology

Activities :

Quiz competition & students’ seminars which demand active participation by the students are being organized by the department. Students were given assignment related to physiology in form of poster presentation to assess their skills at a glance. The students are encouraged to participate in regular quizzes and presentations to facilitate the improvement in their presenting skills. Role play / skit by a small group of students as a part of health education is carried out. Early clinical exposure is given by ward visit, blood bank visit. Teaching in the department is updated with latest development in the subject and correlated with clinical aspects.

Research paper publication

1 Kiran thorat, Manish Goyal, Rajendra Singh Paviaya and Rashmi Tomar

A comparative study of cardiovascular parasympathetic functions during different phases of menstrual cycle in young healthy females. July- august 2021, RJPBCS 12(4) page no. 67

Research paper presentation-nil

CME/conference attended/organized

Self-directed learning – What? Why? & How? Dated 27/01/2021

          Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

Workshop – Webinar

      1. Cognitive neurophysiology lab protocol dated 16/10/2021 (online) - Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

      2. Autonomic function test dated 25/9/2021 (online) - Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

      3. Basic semen analysis and setting of andrology laboratory in Indian scenario dated 18/9/2021                       

          (online) -  Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

      4. Effective PPT Designing and presentation dated 26/1/2021 to 02/02/2021 (online) 

            Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

       5. Workshop on digital tools in teaching dated 01/09/2021 (online) - Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal


    1. Webinar on Neurophysiology in clinical practice dated 12-07-2021 (online) - Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

     2. Webinar on Management of stress of healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic: role of yoga dated 

          21/07/2021 (online) - Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

     3. Webinar on sports medicine and allied sciences for injury and dope free performance – A perspective dated 

          21/07/2021 (online) - Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

     4. Webinar on safe blood transfusion practices – blood bank to bedside dated 30/01/2021 (online)

Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

     5. Webinar on basic and clinical aspects of autonomic function studies dated 27/02/2021(online)

Attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

Awards/ Achievements 

Dr. Mainsh Goyal has got prashashti praman patra on 15-08-2021

Medical education program organized/attended

  1. Dr. Karishma Singh has participated as participant in the Revised basic course workshop and AETCOM dated 26th to 28th July 2021
  2. Dr. Manish Goyal has participated as resource person in the Revised basic course workshop and AETCOM dated 26th to 28th July 2021

Additional work/Special work

One week online training program on Biostatistics dated 21 to 27 February 2021 (online) attended by Dr. Manish Goyal

Life Members of Association of Physiologists of India :

  1. Dr. Manish Goyal – Assistant Professor