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Research Publication


Microbiology –

  1. Anubha Patel, Ramanesh Murthy, Ashish Baghel, Partha Roy, Kavita S Lole “Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in patients on maintenance haemodialysis at tertiary care hospitals of Pune, Maharashtra, India”. IJMMTD: January-March, 2018:4(1):17-20. (Original Artical)
  2. Sachin Pandey, B.P. Singh, Lakhan Singh, Ramanesh Murthy, Hemlata Thakur, Vivek Sharma “Report of Internship Orientation Programme of CIMS, Bilaspur Chhattisgarh”. IJPM: January-June 2018:Vol.6 PP – 95-99. (Case Report)
  3. Sachin Pandey, B.P. Singh, Ramanesh Murthy, Hemlata Thakur, B. Kashyap “A Health Camp Report of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh”. IJPM: January-June 2018:Vol.6 PP – 101-104. (Case Report)
  4. Sachin Pandey, B.P. Singh, Ramanesh Murthy, Hemlata Thakur, Vivek Sharma “Report of Training Programme on Behaviour & Psychological of Sweeper/ Ward Boy”. IJPM: July-Dec. 2018:Vol.6 PP – 136-139. (Notes & News)

Biochemistry -

  1. Evaluation of oxidative stress in rheumatoid arthritis.Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, Vikas Gupta, Manish Kumar, Nita Garg.Indian Journal of Applied Research accepted for publication in December 2016 issue.
  2. Evaluation of inflammatory markers in Essential hypertension. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, Nita Garg.Indian Journal of Applied Research 2016;6(11):45- 46.
  3. A prospective study to see the effect of fenugreek seed powder as hypoglycaemic agent       on type II Diabetes Mellitus”. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, Mukesh Kumar Meena, Meena Varma, Susmit Kosta &  Ravindra Kumar.International Journal of Bioassay 2013; 2(10):1344-1348.
  4. Is TSH alone can be treated as diagnostic marker for Thyroid Disorders. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, Mukesh Kumar Meena, Meena Varma, Rajesh Kumar Jha, S. Kosta , Ravindra Kumar. Indian Journal of Applied Research 2013;3(11):361- 363.
  5. First Phase Insulin secretion, Insulin Sensitivity, Ghrelin, Glp-1 and Pyy level changes 72 hours after Sleev Gastrectomy  in obese Diabetic Patients: The Gastric hypothesis. Mukesh Kumar Meena, M.K.S. Shaikh, Meena Varma, Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava  &  Jain V.K.International Journal of Bioassay 2013; 2(11):1448-1452
  6. Comparative study of biochemical changes before & after 3 days of Bariatric Surgery in morbid obese patient. Mukesh Kumar Meena, M.K. Shaikh, Mohit Bhandari, Meena Varma, Rajesh Kumar  Shrivastava and Vivek Jain JARBS/2013/961(4).
  7. Comparative study of tobacco chewer & smokers as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseas. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, , Rajesh Kumar Jha, & Ravindra Kuma Indian Journal of Applied Research  January 2014 issue 2014;4(01):26-27

Pharmacology -

  1. Mishra AK, Sinha RR, Tiwari RK, Dhone PG, Hishikar R, Rathod V. A Comparative Study of Antinociceptive Activity of Flupirtine with Diclofenac in Swiss Albino Mice. Acta Biomedica Scientia2020;7(2):57-60. 
  2. Mishra AK, Sinha RR, Tiwari RK, Dhone PG, Hishikar R, Rathod V. Experimental Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Flupirtine with Opioids on Swiss Albino Mice. Acta Biomedica Scientia2020;7(2):53-56. 
  3. Gupta SK, Tiwari RK, Goel RK. A retrospective cross‑sectional descriptive study to critically appraise the quality of reporting of health economic evaluations conducted in the Indian setting. Perspect Clin Res 2020;XX:XX-XX (accepted on 10-02-2020).
  4. Tiwari RK, Gupta SK, Goel RK. A questionnaire-based comparison of conventional teaching methods to computer assisted learning in experimental pharmacology for undergraduate medical students. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol 2019;8:762-6.
  5. Tiwari RK, Haider J, Shukla AD, Gupta PP. A study on pattern of initial and acquired drug resistance for isoniazid and rifampicin in A.F.B. positive sputum smears of pulmonary tuberculosis patients at a Medical College in North Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol 2018;7:191-6.

Community Medicine -

  • Mendhe H, Makade K, Bhawanani D, David R, Kamble N, Singh D, et al. Cold chain maintenance in Rajnandgaon and Bilaspur districts of Chhattisgarh: A process evaluation. J Family Med Prim Care 2018;7:1510-4. 
  • Potdar PS. A five year retrospective study of paediatric tuberculosis patients registered in Nanded Municipal Corporation. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 2018 May;5 (5):2016.
  • Potdar PS. Study of some epidemiological aspects of seizure disorders among children in rural area of a district. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 2018 Jul; 5(7):2888.
  • Potdar P. A retrospective study of febrile seizures among children admitted in a tertiary care hospital. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 2018 Jul; 5 (7):3121-4.
  • Shubhra Agrawal Gupta, Mini Sharma, Abha Ekka, Nirmal Verma Effect of health education on breastfeeding initiation techniques among postnatal mothers admitted in a tertiary care centre of Raipur city, Chhattisgarh Vol 5,No10 (2018) IJCMPH.
  • Mendhe HG, Makade KG, Kamble N, David R, Singh D, Chandrawanshi L. Supportive supervision of routine immunization in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh. J Family Med Prim Care 2019;8:385-9.
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  • Kamble Nitin, Singh Daneshwar, Mendhe Harshal,  Makade Kiran. Assessment of vaccine management in cold chain points of Jashpur and Sarguja districts of Chhattisgarh. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. 7. 148. 10.18203/2394-6040.ijcmph20195845.
  • Prasad M, Wagh V. A study of Pulmonary Function Test in Stone Quarry Industry Workers in Wardha District. Journal of Academia and Industrial Research (JAIR). 2019 Aug;8(3):52.
  • Prasad MA, Verma N, Jain K, Dewangan P. Assessment of work-related health hazards, personal hygiene and utilization of personal protective equipment’s among stone quarry workers: A cross sectional study in central India. (2019)
  • Shubhra Agarwal Gupta1 , Mini Sharma1 *, Abha Ekka2 , Nirmal Verma1 Factors affecting breastfeeding techniques among postnatal mothers: an experience in a tertiary care centre ,International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health | July 2019 | Vol 6 | Issue 7
  • Abha Ekka1 *, Shubra A. Gupta2 , Divya Sahu1 , Anmol Madhur Minj3 , G. P. Soni4 Assessment of infrastructure of first referral unit facilities in Surguja division: a responsibility of providing emergency obstetric care ,International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health   2019 Dec;6(12):5168-5173
  • Divya Sahu1 , Shanta P. Khes Beck2*, G. P. Soni1 , Abha Ekka3 , Srishti Dixit4 , Tripti Chandrakar A study to assess receipt and utilization of janani suraksha yojana cash incentive among mothers in urban slums of Raipur city, Chhattisgarh, IndiaInternational Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 2019 Dec;7(12):4768-4773
  • Salunke, A. A., Pathak, S. K., Dhanwate, A., Warikoo, V., Nandy, K., Mendhe, H., Kottakota, V., Shinde, R. M., Patil, S. A., Petiwala, T., &    Pandya, S. (2020). A proposed ABCD scoring system for patient’s self-assessment and at emergency department with symptoms of COVID-19. Diabetes& Metabolic Syndrome, 14(5), 1495–1501.
  • Mendhe H, Bhartendu D, Makade K, Singh D. Awareness and use of Personal Protective Measures against Mosquito Borne Diseases. Indian J Comm Health. 2020;32(3):582-585. (ICMR-STS Project)
  • Dr. Santosh Ekka ,  Dr. Abha Ekka*Socio-demography study of non healing corneal ulcer in admitted patients at tertiary eye care centre- pt.j.n.m.medical college dr.b.r.a.m.raipur (c.g ) international journal of scientific researchVolume-9 | Issue-2 | February-2020 |

Department of ENT :-

In Year 2019

  1. A retrospective analysis of 137 chronic dacrocystitis cases treated with endonasal endoscopic approach to dacrocystorhinostomy with or without silicon stent.
  2. Analysis of nasal airway resistance in normal healthy adult population of Chattisgarh  by Rhinomanometry.
  3. Prevalence of ear nose & throat morbidity in students of middle and higher secondary school in Surguja.
  4. Study of surgical management of chronic sinusitis by middle meatus antrostomy & Antral Wash out Procedure.

Department of Anatomy:-

       1.  R.Singh (2000) : Assessment of Gestational Age by foetal BPD and FL by ultrasonography in second trimester of pregnancy, J Anat.Soc.India.

       2.  Agarwal P, Bhosale YJ. Foramen in the shield: foramen thyroideum. Journal of Evolution of  Medical and Dental Sciences. 2016 Aug 11;5(64):4512-5.

Department of Physiology:-

1. Singh K. A Comparative Study of Pulmonary function test in sickle cell anaemia patients in Raipur district, C.G. IJSR. 2018 Septmber;7(9):XX-XX

2. Jawale P, Goyal M, Lawhale M, Dhone PG. study of fibrinolytic activity and clotting time in premenopausal and postmenopausal women. GJRA.2020                september;9(9):1-5 

3. Lawhale MA, Goyal M, Sinha PK, Dhone PG, Shrikhande S, Murthy R, Rathod V. Study of isolation and distribution of candida species and risk factors              associated with candidiasis. Acta Biomedica Scientia.2020;7(2):XX-XX

4. Lawhale MA, Goyal M, Sinha PK, Dhone PG, Shrikhande S, Murthy R, Rathod V. study of antifungal drugs susceptibility of candida isolates. Acta                       Biomedica Scientia.2020;7(2):XX-XX

5. Goyal M, Kavita, Tiwari RK, Dhone PG. Perception of phase 1 MBBS Students regarding the founsation Course: A cross Sectional Study. JCDR.2021               Dec;15(12):01-04

Department of Dentistry:-

1. Santha B, Hongal S, Saxena V, Jain M, Tiwari V, Singh A. The association of lifestyle with the physical activity and diet of adolescents in Bhopal City,               India. CHRISMED Journal of Health and Research. 2018 Jan 1;5(1):23.

2. Singh A, Bhambal A, Harish A, Tiwari V, Tiwari U, Santha B. Self-perceived multidimensional health control locus among central Indian dental students:           The impact of professionalization. Med J DY Patil Vidyapeeth [Epub ahead of print] [cited 2021 Dec 15]

3.  Singh A, Harish A,Kaur R. Knowledge & practices regarding oral cancer among graduating dental students in Bhopal city, India. International Journal of         Research and Review. 2021;8(7): 353-358.

4. Harish A,Rayalu PK, Moturi K. Evaluation of postoperative complication after surgical removal of third molars following local or systemic administration       of  dexamethasone-a comparative study. Int. J. of Adv. Res. 2017;5:308-1329.

5. Harish A, Divya P. Oral Myasis-An Unusual and Rare Case Report in a Healthy Adult.JMSCR 2020;8(6):566-570.

6.  Tammineedi S,Tammineedi S,Chowdary B, Lakshman,Basam R,Harish A.Impact of Aesthetic Intervention of Discoloured Teeth on Mental Health - A                 Cross Sectional Study in Guntur. Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare.2021; 8: 2328-2332. 

7.  Singh DK, Dungarwal N, Kambalyal PB, Bolya P,Trivedi R, Khatri K. orrelation between maxillary canine impaction and different arch dimensions.Pacific            journal of Dentistry 2017;1(3)